Friday, May 29, 2009

Philly School.

We were unsure as to how the hotel trip was going to go, so we did not intend to stop by the school, even though we knew it was very close. After everything at the hotel went smooth, we easily spotted our next location from the tenth floor of the gutted hotel. Finishing up our first stop and hopping in the car, we were inside the school within the hour.
This place had more dead birds and empty beer cans than I've ever seen. The fenced rooftop gymnasium made it really unique and also gave us a pleasant view back to the crumbling hotel.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Philadelphia Hotel.

This landmark was built between 1892 and 1894, the building originally functioned as apartments, housing some of Philadelphia's wealthy residents. Lorraine Apartments is one of the most luxurious and best preserved late 19th century apartment houses in Philadelphia. In 1900 the building became the Lorraine Hotel when the Metropolitan Hotel Company purchased the apartments. Later it would become the first hotel in Philadelphia to be racially integrated under Father Divine.

Sold-sold-and sold again...highest bidder will screw the city of it's history. Unfortunately, by the time we arrived to this magnificent building, it was a shell of her former self. Stripped and gutted of almost all her original charm. The "developers" were also nowhere to be found. I suppose they ran out of funding and jumped ship. Lots of paperwork remained for their pie in the sky rad apartments though...

We did however run into a guy up on the six floor. He gave us a scare. Tom B. gave one of his, "run, run..!" motions, so we did. Down four flights. The mystery man maneged to catch up with us and told us, " it's cool, it's cool..." So we were. From the tenth floor we spotted a very familiar abandoned school that we went to later that day.

Looking down into the courtyard.

This is the VERY dark basement. We had to walk through this thing to gain access to the main building, which this awesome staircase led to.

This was once the chapel on the 10th floor. Looks like crap now...thanks to poor planning and greed.

I climbed through a window on the highest floor and out onto the rubber coated roof. Straddling the highest point of the roof, captured this shot of some of philly's skyline.