Wednesday, June 17, 2009

One Wedding and an Abandoned Girl's School.

This particular weekend in New York ended up to be really fun, action packed good time. Shawn and I were headed up to Poughkeepsie to photograph a wedding friday afternoon. We shot till 11 pm, then took full advantage of the bar till midnight. After the room rental was finished, we went to an after party till six am with the bride and groom. By the time we got back to the hotel it was about 7 am. We checked out at 10:30 am and hit the road for a long abandoned girl's school that I had mapped out. It was only fifteen minutes away so I figured we would take full advantage of our trip. It took us a little while to find an entry point. I managed to climb up onto the first floor roof and into a second floor open window. Shawn soon followed. When our friend Rob finally made it up, he walked about four steps on the roof before his leg vanished into the building. It gave us a good spook, but we continued on. Rob eventually disappeared on us and cut the tour short. We had to separate to find him and rendezvous back at the car. The exterior of the school was very very impressive. It's a shame that it's falling in on itself.