Wednesday, July 22, 2009

First Capital Paper.

Weird paper testing supplies, hand written minutes and notes from the 50's, fork lifts sitting idle, an enormous complex that spanned more than two city blocks... We were in and out of several of these buildings throughout this year. This building however was not accessed for us until now. The current owners of the property are keeping tabs on her and tend to the breaches pretty fast. The overall structural integrity of this place was a ten out of ten. Outstanding condition...not something I'm used to walking through.

Tom B wandering into the darkness.

It's a bit unsettling to see this stuff when rounding dark corners in an environment were homeless and creepy lurkers are prevalent. I later found out that these were most likely used in an appropriate factory setting for routine maintenance of slag. Still, unsettling at the time...

Towards the end of the voyage. Climbing all these stairs only to end up at a dead bolted door that accessed the roof.

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  1. Hot damn! I love that shot of the staircase… so good. (curses him like a sailor) I really need to get a wide-angle when we're shooting, but of course I enjoy seeing your take on things when compared to mine. Nice work.