Saturday, July 11, 2009

Crab Hill.

I was mentally hungover from already shooting a wedding and the Girl's School this weekend, when we arrived here early Sunday morning. Well...hungover from tons of booze too. Either way, we had a long day ahead of us. This 101 year old state school for the mentally and physically disabled property was vast, covering 1,400 acres. Created to house 3,500 patients at a time, it was one of the largest institutions of its kind in Pennsylvania.
It was hot, Tom was bloodied, we hiked more than three miles, conquered perimeter fencing, watched security patrol the buildings we were in and finally made our way to the second stop for the day across the river.

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  1. You've posted the all-object series here, I see! Toilets, sinks, chairs and turntables. Who needs anything more in life?!?! Nobody.

    I'm so jealous of that top shot. I tried that a couple times but couldn't find the right balance to get what I wanted. You, on the other hand, could… and did. (whispers a jealousy-induced swear word in Mark's general direction)