Monday, October 26, 2009

Boy's School.

I started researching this place 9 months before we hiked through thick brush and crept onto it's grounds. All signs of renovation have ceased and the historic buildings were left to crumble.
The former School for Boys, was considered one of the most beautiful boarding-school campuses on the East Coast at its peak in the 1920's. It opened for boarders and received its first students in 1894. The US Navy took over the property in the 1940's and abandoned it in the 1970's. More than 20 buildings remain on the property. Many are very dangerous to walk through, most are too far gone to save. Government waste at it's finest.

Large chunks of plaster ceiling falling to the floor of Memorial Hall. Owls and pigeons flying around between the plaster and roof rafters made it pretty sketchy.

This room was almost black. 30 second exposure, strobe fired 4 times.